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Katy Graphics and Design

Welcome! We have 5 areas of focus -
Branding, Design, Web Design, Metal Prints and Clients.

What separates us from the others?

The lost art of truly listening.


The pretty Katy Graphics lady and a Metal Print

When we selected the image of the lady you see above, we were struck with her gaze. Her eyes are captivating. She is looking at something that was at once familiar and perhaps a little amazing. It was easy for us to decide that she embodies the vision we have for this web site.

Plus, she is uniquely qualified to illustrate the properties of a Metal Print - the float mount on the back, once hung notice the distance the Metal Print is from the wall and the solid construction in a 20 x 30" gloss white Metal Print - Gorgeous! That's what this page is all about.


B Works Production Group was founded by Blake Scruggs in 1997 as a custom imaging, restoration and printing company in the Greater Houston Area. As technology and markets have changed, we have grown and changed too.

Today, Katy Graphics and Design is located in dynamic Katy, TX and we specialize in Promotional Images with Responsive Web Designs -

Whether you have planned but never executed your own web site or you know it is time for a remodel to add videos, or it is past time to make your web site mobile friendly, you have come to the right company - Lets Get Started.

Responsive Web Designs - Client Samples - More

Metal Prints - They Are Not Created Equal

  • Surface White - Bright white surfacing creates a greater depth of saturated color and superior contrasts. Bring out the best in portraits, wedding shots or when you are looking to add great depth and color to any photo.
  • Surface Silver/Clear - Aluminum surfacing adds a fascinating semi transparent look to all colors. Whites become metallic Silver, while all colors and details shine with new metallic life. Light plays off of the silver and creates a bright translucent luminance that reacts like a brilliant matrix, reinventing itself from every angle.
  • Finish Glossy - Release the full brilliance of your Aluminyzed photos. A gloss finish turns up the shine and radiance of any image adding amazing depth and reflectivity.
  • Finish Matte - For your subtler and softer side. A matte finish adds a quieter tone and gentler edge to your image. When you want brilliance without the shine and a pensive stare without the reflective glare.
  • The Glossy White is our most popular Surface and Finish Metal Print.
4 types of Surface and Finish Metal Prints - More

Metal Prints are the most unique, vivid and durable medium available to display your most meaningful photographs and artwork in your home or office.

The innovative and revolutionary process, in which your image is actually infused into a sheet of aluminum, yields a rich piece of art that can easily be hung or upraised without a frame for a sleek and contemporary look.

To start your Metal Print selection of Surface, Finish and Size, Start Here.

And Branding

From the traditional to the modern

A consistent message across multiple mediums can provide a huge advantage to your company.

  • Envelopes, letterheads and writing instruments
  • Coffee mugs, hats, caps and t-shirts
  • Print, Web site and Social media

One area that has remained constant thru the years is our laser focus on meeting and exceeding our clients expectations.

Lets get started

The basics of our work flow -


The process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of type, space, image and color.

Responsive Web Design

Designing web sites that work with the variety of todays devices - stationary and mobile.

Design - We start with either your image or we create.

This includes Company specific images - Business Cards, Post Cards, Logo's and Letter Heads.

Branding - Design in an engaging, consistent manner throughout a product or service message across a variety of devices and medium. View a few of our Branding Samples.

Promotional Images - Sized for Print, Web site and Social media. Take a look at a sample of our Promotional Images - More.

Output of images include print and digital.
Data and Mail merge is also available.

Metal Prints

  • Sizes - 8x10, 8x12, 11x14, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30
  • Surface - White or Clear/Silver
  • Finish - Glossy or Matte
  • 1/16" Aluminum Sheet
  • Float Mount and Tradional Mount - Depending on size

Our steps for your Metal Print are easy. Please use our Contact Us form to start.

Tell us what you want and we will handle the entire process.

Web Design - We always start with you.

Your ideas, inspiration and desired message. Then we design and produce

  • Thoroughly consult with you as we reach specific design milestones
  • Test web site then deploy to server

We are Full Service.

  • Domain names and transfers -
  • Select and Setup Server
  • Create email accounts for your domain
  • Provide web site marketing campaign - Promotional Images and Search Engine Optimization

We encourage you to view some of our responsive web designs for our Clients.

You have come to the right company -

For individual attention and customization that will enable your company to stand-out and be found in todays increasingly crowded internet market.

Please use our Contact Us form to describe what we can do for you so we can start communicating toward your finished work.

We value our clients and are ready to serve you with creative imagineering.

We hope you enjoy looking at this page.